The West Shore Baptist Church has been part of the Camp Hill and Greater Harrisburg community since June 7, 1960.

Our Purpose
Through the leading of the Holy Spirit and based upon scriptural truth, the purpose of
the West Shore Baptist Church shall be to glorify God through:

Worship: Love God in celebrative worship in order to magnify His name.
Evangelism: Invite friends and share a caring witness as part of our life mission.
Fellowship: Grow together in uplifting fellowship that encourages faith and church
Ministry: Help others by empowering growing disciples to engage in God-shaped
Discipleship: Teach truth by equipping growing disciples to develop Christ-like spiritual

Our Baptist Heritage
Affirming our Baptist heritage as a cooperative, self-governing body within the Christian
community, the government of this Church shall be vested in its membership. It shall,
however, maintain affiliation and cooperation with the Harrisburg Association of Baptist
Churches, the American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware, and the American
Baptist Churches, U.S.A.

This Church accepts the Holy Bible as an all sufficient basis for doctrine and practice.
As a summary of principles for Christian conduct among its members, it adopts the following

Read the WSBC By-Laws

Church Covenant:
Mindful of our great heritage as American Baptists, as a part of the worldwide Body of Christ, His Church, we covenant together today to affirm our love for our Savior, for one another and for the world for whom He died.

Grateful for the gift of God’s incomparable revelation to us in Christ and in the Bible and for His continuing guidance through the Holy Spirit, we agree together to seek His will for our lives, individually and as a local congregation.

Thankful for the absolute trustworthiness of Holy Scripture, we affirm our faith in the necessity of the New Birth for life eternal and for membership in His Church.

We covenant together, with God’s help, to avoid those forms of speech and conduct which degrade, exploit, and enslave persons and which dishonor the name of Christ. We renew our pledge to live a life consistent with His standards.

We further agree to take time for prayer, study, and worship, both private and in the fellowship of our Church, with minds ever open to the truth.

We affirm that the great unfinished task of the Church is the proclamation of Christ’s redeeming love to every race and nation, symbolized in Believer’s Baptism and in the Lord’s Supper. As ministers in Christ, we commit ourselves, our money, our time, and our talent to His service.

Trusting in Him, we covenant together as sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, to live each day so as to commend Christ to others.

As we await His glorious return and His ultimate triumph, we rejoice in hope, exercise patience, practice hospitality, and show compassion toward those in need, ever striving toward Christian maturity, seeking the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Amen