At West Shore Baptist Church we are seeking to build our congregation and our lives on God’s five purposes: worship, fellowship, discipleship, service and evangelism. As such, we seek to honor God through celebrative worship, caring fellowship, lifelong discipleship, loving service and creative mission outreach within our community, region and world.

Our denomination is American Baptist, a wonderfully diverse, evangelical and socially-concerned fellowship numbering 1.5 million Christians and 5,500+ churches. Among our key emphases is the "priesthood of believers," which affirms God’s call in every Christian’s life to use their God-given gifts, abilities, passions, personality and life experiences in service to God, to one another, and to all persons everywhere (1 Peter 2:4-5; Ephesians 2:8-10).

We invite you ... to visit with us:

If you would like to worship in a warm, welcoming atmosphere;
If you would like a selection of times and locations for Bible study;
If you would appreciate being active in Christian community;
If you are looking for a way to be of service to others.

West Shore Baptist Church seeks to be a L.I.G.H.T. to our Community by...

Loving God in celebrative worhip in order to magnify His wonderful name

Inviting Friends and sharing a caring witness as part of our life mission

Growing Together in uplifting fellowship encouraging faith and church membership

Helping Others and empowering growing disciples to engage in God-shaped ministry

Teaching Truth and equipping disciples to develop Christ-like spiritual maturity