Home.  The Bible is the story of a good, loving, strong Father creating a home for His children.  In the beginning He made a home where His children lacked nothing -- security, love, meaningful work, and joy.  But the children distrusted and therefore disobeyed their Father.  Tainted by their sin, they had to leave home and could not go back.  And, too late, they discovered that outside of home they could never truly know peace or purpose, because home is where the Father is. 

    You know the longing to come home.  That desire is hard-wired into your very being.  It's the anger you feel when you sense injustice in the world and know deep in your bones that something just is not right.  Or the deep desire to feel purposeful or connected to someone who is bigger than you, who knows you inside and out, and actually can make all that is wrong right.  The need to return home comes when you burn with shame and wish the past could be erased or the future made different.  It is almost palpable when you imagine a day when car accidents disappear, Alzheimer's never ravages another life, and layoffs are no more.  Home is where the Father is.

    The Father longs for you to come home even more than you do.  He made you to be with Him.  But that deeply rooted distrust and disobedience within you stands in the way.  Until you can trust Him, until He can wash away the sin, you cannot go home.

    For those longing for home, there is Good News.  The Father sent His Son from His Home to our world.  He came both to show you who your Father is -- look closely at Jesus' life and you will see a perfect representation of the Father's heart, hear His voice, and even see His face -- and to wipe away the stain of sin.  On the cross, the perfect Son died, taking upon Himself the stain of your distrust and disobedience.  It is a wonderful, amazing mystery -- how His death can bring you life; He can be punished for your wrongs.  And it's true.  He made the way for you to come home no matter where you've been or where you are today.

    Home is where the Father is.  Home is where intimacy and peace, justice and beauty, forgiveness and goodness are found.  The Bible finishes the story of the good Father creating a home for His children by describing what that home will look like for all of eternity.  And the pages in between describe how we can come home today; catching glimpses of His home here on earth, as we pursue the Father through the Son.

    There's only one way Home to the Father.  His name is Jesus.  If you today agree with the Father that you cannot come home on your own -- your disbelief and disobedience bar the way, but that Jesus accomplished what you cannot -- you will hear the Father joyfully shout, "Welcome Home!" 

    Are you ready to come home?  To come to the Father and discover today what you are hard-wired to long for?  To experience abundant life in Him today and for all of eternity tomorrow?  Then say "yes" to Jesus.  We welcome you to discover a taste of home at WSBC.  Join us for worship.  Connect with a small group.  It's time to come home.