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    • 2018 Advent -- In this series, we considered what many of the individuals who are captured for us by Matthew and Luke in the telling of Jesus' birth waited for.  Some waited for hope, others for healing, and all waited for the One who could provide it.
    • Convincing Proof -- The good news of the Gospel spread like wildfire in the first century.  Why?  Certainly not because the disciples were excellent orators or brilliantly trained scholars.  People listened to the Gospel and committed their entire lives to following Jesus, because the disciples themselves were the convincing proof that He's alive!  Joy in trials, a willingness to die rather than lie about Jesus, and a radically redefined ethic and set of priorities all added up to the irrefutable proof that Jesus is alive.
    • In the Beginning -- In this series, focusing on the opening chapters of Genesis, we discover the amazing implications of following a Creator who wants to be known, alone holds the power to name us, calls us to serve in His presence, and wants us to have intimacy with Him.