Please click on the links below to be redirected to any of our preaching series from 2019.

    • John's Gospel -- John divides his Gospel into 7 signs & 7 sayings.  Each both shows and tells who Jesus is and invites us to trust and love Him even more.
    • Simple Church -- Our purpose as a church is incredibly simple: We make disciples who believe, belong, bridge & become.  In this series, we lay the groundwork to explain why each piece of that purpose matters.
    • Believe -- Believing our God at His word, the first mark of a disciple at WSBC, is more about our feet than knowing facts or experiencing feelings.  Belief moves us forward.  In this series, we engage with several spiritual disciplines that help us to take what we say we believe and put it into practice.
    • Revelation -- Through vivid and counterintuitive images, the Holy Spirit uses the book of Revelation to reveal Jesus Christ, the King who reigns, Lamb who is slain, and Lion who has already overcome.  The entire book invites us to see what is really true -- Jesus is already on His throne, even when things of this world look 'more real' than Him.
    • 2019 Advent -- There's a fight we can't win, an inheritance we can't receive, a covenant we can't keep, and a surprising gift who secures them all for us.