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    • Don't Waste It -- You've been given one life to live.  At the end of that life, God the Father will ask you two questions: 1) What did you do with My Son?  And 2) what did you do with the life I gave you?  How do we invest it well for His Kingdom?
    • 2023 Holy Week 
    • Acts -- To all who are . . . that's how we begin every worship service here at WSBC.  To all who are weary & work, tired & tried, tempted & hurting, come and find rest in Jesus.  The Gospel has always been for all who are.  In this series through the book of Acts, we see how the Gospel changes everything.
    • Job -- This may be both the most difficult book in all of the Bible to reconcile in our hearts and the most relatable to our experience.  On every page the hope that is ours in Christ is spoken.  Sometimes it's barely whispered through clenched teeth; at other moments it shouts for all to hear.  But it's there.  And that means hope is present in your grief & hurt, too.
    • 2023 Advent -- This year we allowed the promises of the coming Messiah in the book of Isaiah to fill our minds and hearts.